Aikido, Biography - Tosissiro Obata (Toshishiro Obata)

Sensei Obata Toshishiro (Toshishiro Obata) - was born in the prefecture of Gunma, and he is proud of this, since it was here that such famous Kamakura fencers were born, like Nitty Yoshashada, and the founder of the Yagyu Shinkage school - Kamiizumi Isenokami Hidetsuna. Obata was enchanted by the art of the sword, and from a very young age he dreamed of studying keenjutsu seriously.

After attending the Hombu Shihan Demonstrations at the Yoshinkan Dojo, he became fascinated by Aikido. Shortly after taking Obata as Ooty Desi (personal student or student living in Sensei's house) remains under the auspices of Godza Shioda.

Focusing in detail on the work of the sword taught in Aikido, Obata explores this technique in several other dojos, which include Yagyu Ryu under the guidance of Soke Yagyu Nabuhara, who is the twenty-first generation of masters of this school, and studying Zen with Xiyukai members. However, since as Ooty Deshi, he was not able to study other arts seriously, as a result, he leaves the Yoshinkan. It was at that time that Obata Sensei was invited to Tate Dojo to study Budzutsu, where he became a member of Tokyo Wakakoma (a select group of martial arts masters, who are the directors of the fighting scenes for Japanese television and cinema) in which he was a coach for several years.

Toshishiro Obata founded the Aikido Federation and Aikibuzyutsu Tanren Kenkyukai, where Bujutsu \ Budo is studied and practiced in the earliest forms of Aikijutsu and modern Aikido. Soke Toshisiro Obata is one of the most well-trained and genuine masters in the field of martial arts. He became the founder of Kaicho Aikido and Aikibujiutsu Tanren Kenkyukai, is also the director and Principal Instructor Kokusai Shinkendo Renmey, an organization dedicated to the true teaching of the sword technique.

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