Aikido Tomiki-ryu (Tomiki-ryu Aikido) - sport style Aikido

Aikido Tomiki-ryu (Tomiki-ryu Aikido) is a sport style of Aikido based Kendzie Tomikiwho, apart from O-Sensei, also worked a lot with the founder of judo, Jigoro Kano, and learned from him a number of ideas and methods of training. Tomiki-ryu is characterized by the use of kata (pre-prepared forms) in training and limited competition without weapons and with a rubber knife. This is the only style of Aikido that includes competition in the curriculum.

Tomiki-ryu is essentially a synthesis of aikido and judo, where aiki-jutsu techniques are applied at long range, and judo techniques at the closest distance. Tomiki – Ryu, as well as Yesin, distinguished by a harmonious system of training students, the rigidity of the performance of a technician, as well as an emphasis on physical training.

The main distinguishing feature of Tomiki Ryu is the presence of competitions in it, which, according to Tomiki Kenji, were to serve as an objective criterion for evaluating the success of aikido training. Competitions are usually held in two formats: “Tanto Randori”, when one of the opponents tries to attack with the training knife of the second one, who tries to apply aikido techniques, then they switch roles. In this case, points are awarded both for a successful attack with a knife, and for the technique performed. Another form of competition is in the performance of special kata - a strictly defined sequence of attacks and techniques, when the judging panel determines which pair performs the techniques better.

It should be noted that the competitions held in aikido volumes by themselves do not make the style more applied or effective. A huge number of rules and conventions mean that these competitions are very far from real fights, however, they give an opportunity for students to feel how difficult it is to use Aikido techniques on people who do not want anything to be used on them.

Although representatives of other areas of aikido are often very disapproving of tomiki-ryu, and especially the competitions held in it, however, tomiki-ryu are included in the curriculum at many educational institutions in Japan, and its popularity in the world is steadily increasing.

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