Aikido, biography - Nobuyoshi Tamura (Tamura Nobuyoshi)

Sensei Nobuyoshi Tamura (Tamura Nobuyoshi) - the owner of the eighth Aikido Dan, one of the oldest students of Hombu Dojo, who studied under personal guidance Founder of Aikido.

Master Nobuyoshi Tamura is one of the few chosen by O-Sensei to spread the art of Aikido. Considered one of the most talented and exemplary "uchi-desi", Tamura Sensei undoubtedly became one of the leading masters of this art in the world.

Tamura Nabuyoshi: "In the face of death, regardless of difficulties, it is necessary, as in everyday life, to remain calm, fearless, with a smile on your face. This person can be reached by a person engaged in Bu."

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