Aikido, biography - Steven Sigal (Stiven Sigal)

Steven Seagal (Stiven Sigal) - holder of the seventh dan aikido and one of the few shihanas of non-Japanese origin, the teachers were outstanding aikido masters, primarily Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Seigo Yamaguchi, as well as Mitsugi Saotome.

Steven Seagal devoted his entire life to the study of Martial Arts. He worked under the direct supervision of O-Sensei's closest friend and associate, a man who taught O-Sensei to SEDO: (Japanese calligraphy) - Abe Sayseki-Sensei, but constantly used any chance to train with absolutely all the main instructors of O-Sensei.

Seagal's philosophy of teaching aikido is simple: "It must be effective on the street." Many aikido masters have developed many different styles, and their technique is often very passive. Passive direction in aikido can fail in the fight. It should be noted that Seagal does not push students to unnecessary constant fights. He simply emphasizes: “If someone has attacked, manage to protect yourself!”.

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