Biography - Lubomir Vracharevich - "Real Aikido"

Любомир Врачеревич (Ljubomir Vracarevic) - martial arts master, style founder Real aikido, has the rank of 10th dan from the “International Council of Founders and Grand Masters of Martial Arts” and the president of the World Center for Real Aikido, a member of the European Vudo Academy, a member of the Yoshinkan Federation in Japan. Lubomir Vracharevich took over the experience of aikido from the followers of Morihei Ueshiba: Kisyomaru Ueshiba - (son of Morihei Ueshiba, 10 dan), Gozo Shioda (10 days), Kanyi Shimatsu (9 days), Hiroshi Tada. Simultaneously with this Vračarevič studied džudo and jiju-jitsu.

Lubomir Vracharevich isolated a number of techniques from aikido, rejected elements of Eastern traditions and philosophy, and modifying elements of technology, while bringing their knowledge from other martial arts, thus created his own style, which he called "Real Aikido." The style he created is, in fact, a synthesis of aikido and ju-jutsu: the most severe "locks" and "levers" from the arsenal of ju-jutsu are combined with the most powerful dynamics of aikido. Many respect the doctor of medicine for his striving (declared even in the name of the style) to put in the first place the applied efficiency of technology, the desire to be extremely frank with his students.

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