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Sensei Koichi Tohei (Koichi Tohei) - recognized aikido master and founder Cin – Cin Toitsu Aikido (Ki-Aikido) and “Ki Development Society”. The concept of CI itself is most often defined as “air” or “breath”, but in this case it is used in a broader sense - “vital energy (force) in the Universe”. Tohei Sensei is the only person to whom Morihei Ueshiba he assigned 10 dan, and in the world of post-war aikido his figure was central.

The style founded by Koichi Tohei - Aikido unifying mind and body. Tohei Sensei attached great importance to understanding the concept of Ki, developing this aspect independently of Aikido training as applied to everyday life and health. This style is one of the softest Aikido styles and is characterized by fluid movements, which often include jumping or stopping, which is rare in other styles. Most schools are not originally engaged in practical physical application techniques, considering them exercises designed to develop the abilities of the union of mind and body. However, the same principles apply to self-defense (and are equally effective), but also apply to the deeper goals of everyday life. In recent years, Tohei Sensei went further and further away from Aikido and devoted himself exclusively to Ki to training.

Koichi Tohei: “I have dedicated my life to metaphysical activities, and I intend to continue them until the end of my days. The universe is infinite, it has no beginning and no end, which is why we can’t calm down on our achievements. there is a peak that is even higher. The more you learn about a particular area, the more you understand how much you still need to know. Enjoying the fullness of life is the greatest pleasure.

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