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Кззии Томики (Kenji Tomiki) - famous master of Aikido and Judo, founder Tomiki-ryu Aikidowhose teacher was the founder of aikido - Morihei Ueshiba and judo - Dzigiro Kano.

Kenji Tomiki studied for a long time with these two prominent people and, having gained knowledge of aikido and judo, was able to form their basic principles from the point of view of budo. The basis of the new direction - Tomiki-ryu (Sedokan Aikido) was based on the basic principles of aikido and judo, as well as the developed randori (free fight) system, which included atemi vaza (percussion technique) and kansentsu vaza. Thus, Kenji Tomiki managed to do what Jigoro Kano couldn’t accomplish - to include atemi vaza in the martial art of judo. Tomiki-ryu style (Shodokan Aikido) is essentially an effective synthesis of aikido and judo.

The decisive difference from the classical aikido is the great stiffness of the style, which came from judo and was due to the fact that Kenji Tomiki belonged to the pre-war generation of Ueshiba students, who took his ideas even before O-Sensei softened his Aikido invention, leading him the road to the path of peace and harmony.

As a professor of physical education, Kenzi Tomiki tried to introduce a progressive style of teaching judo to aikido training. Tomiki believed that randori (free-style exercises) could be just as successful aikido teaching experience as they were in judo. He wrote: "For newbies, free-style exercises are more interesting, allowing them to quickly adapt and gain self-confidence."

Tomiki's concept was to strive for the effectiveness of technology based on the idea of ​​harmony. This is the only style of Aikido that includes competition in the curriculum. Combinations of kata and sparring are designed to bring a sense of realism and practical application. The principles and techniques learned in kata development can be applied in randori, where the technique is based entirely on the nature of the attack. Kata without an understanding of the practice of randori is just a meaningless dance, and randori without an understanding of the principle of kata is not even aikido.

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