Aikijutsu (Aiki-jutsu, Aikijutsu) - art of possession of Ai-Ki

Aikijutsu (Aiki-jutsu, Aikijutsu), as the art of owning Ai-Ki, has a glorious ancient history, the sources of which are lost in the darkness of ages. And do not be Aiki-jutsu, the world would hardly be aware of Aikido today. Morihei Ueshiba. We can say that all three directions of development of Aikido flowed from one ancient source - the Aiki-Jutsu combat system. One of these directions is based on the principle of spiritual enlightenment with the help of the internal energy "Ki". The second develops Aikido as a sport with appropriate educational and competitive systems, while the third maintains the original effectiveness of the art in martial arts.

Aiki-jutsu was available only to samurai of the highest rank and was considered by Otome-ryu (Gosikiuti) to be a secret art. It was not allowed to transfer the system to followers of lower levels, nor to mix technical styles, and only members of the school could observe the show.

Aiki-jutsu, like Daito-ryu, Aiki-jutsu are complex combat systems, including nage-waza (throwing techniques), osae-waza (hold techniques), torae waza (gripping technique), batto-jutsu (pulling a sword with simultaneous striking - modern Iaido), yari-jutsu (the art of holding a spear), ken-jutsu (the art of owning a sword), bo-jutsu (possession of a pole, about 180 cm), jo-jutsu (possession of a stick, about 120 cm) Naginate Jutsu (work with a halberd). And also with some other types of weapons.

The technique of Aiki-Jutsu was studied only by samurai of the highest rank, which gave them an advantage over the representatives of lower levels, who were usually subordinate to them. The most experienced samurai could defeat an armed man without injuring him, and such a high degree of technical perfection aroused the admiration of others.

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