Aikido Yoshinkan - hard aikido style

Aikido Yoshinkan (Aikido Yoshinkan) - a tough style of aikido, aimed at practical efficiency and reality of the use of technology, one of the most common styles of aikido, founded by a student Morihei Ueshiba senseem Gozo shioda. Techniques of this style are most reminiscent of technology. Aiki-jitsu Daito-ryu, which was the basis of aikido. Most people in this martial art are attracted by the clarity and rigidity of the techniques they perform, as well as the streamlined teaching methods based on the principle “from simple to complex”, which allows a person with any basic training to master aikido techniques within a reasonable time.

Gozo Shioda gave the name to his style of military art "Yoshinkan", which means "the improvement of consciousness and spirit." This title reflects his desire that through aikido, as well as mental and spiritual training, which is associated with it, people would be able to play a more useful role in society.

First of all, Aikido Yoshinkan is the harmony of body and spirit, of man and the world. Aikido teaches how to win, avoiding confrontation. It trains not only the body, but above all, consciousness. After all, thousands of movements with the absence of consciousness will give the result a thousand times zero.

This excellent learning system combines elements of physical training, spiritual development, and sports psychology, which leads to a quick and intuitive response in the learner. The primary for this methodology is Kihon dosa (which is used at all levels of Yoshinkan education), based on six basic movements of which ‘any basic aikido technique is assembled. Strong basic movements, strong aikido. These six basic movements, which can be described as physical components of the movement, are performed in consistency with the training partner or opponent. Based on a rigid form, these movements are expressed in effective reflex action. Using interaction and repetition in training, where each workout partner in turn plays the role of an aggressor.

Kihon-dos builds a neural-muscular chain that we use without thinking. As an example of this type of motor-neural mechanism, you can take the action performed when you enter a dark room and automatically reach for a light switch. Basically, we do this without hesitation. Responding to a pushing or pulling action of a partner with such a level of automatism is a real aikido. Effective, relaxed, in harmony with the world around us. This is the Yoshinkan method.

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