Directions, schools and styles of Aikido

The variety of styles, trends, schools of aikido at the present time is due not only to the fact that it is quite confidently marching around the world recently, but also to the closest students of O-Sensei added to their great knowledge their own individual characteristics and vision of aikido. The endless variability of aikido techniques, creating its unique beauty, chic, charm and charm, combined with limited training goals, is also the reason for tearing aikido into numerous styles.

Aikido Aikikai

Aikido Yoshinkan

Aikido Iwama-ryu

Ki aikido


Real aikido



The main thing is not in the name of the Aikido style, and not even in the difference in styles from each other, but in following the rule that O-Sensei formulated as follows: "If you comprehend any principle, then you will be able to adopt it. in practice, think about your efforts. So keep going all the time. "

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