Biographies of the legendary aikido masters

Understanding the importance of the teacher in the practice of martial art, it is important to be able to properly "use" his knowledge and experience. The main purpose of Sensei is that this person is able to set such tasks for the student, and then show such ways to solve them, the existence of which, due to lack of personal experience, is not even intended.

Biographies of the legendary aikido masters, direct students Morihei Ueshibawho created the styles and schools of aikido in their understanding of the teachings of the founder. As well as masters who have made a great contribution to the development of aikido throughout the world.

Godzo Sioda

Tososiro Obata

Koichi Tohei

Moroccan Sodo

Nuclear Pyramid

Kendzie Tomiki

Sokaku Takeda

Moritero Wesiba

Christiana Tise

Steven Seagal

Lubomyr Vracharevich

Stefana Benedetti

Aikido Film

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