Kimonos and training weapons for aikido are free! *

Gifts from AikidoFilm: full set of equipment for practicing Aikido is free! *

Conditions *: When the total number of collections ordered is reached 10 pieces., you will receive for free, as a gift kimono и training weapon for aikido - bokken (wooden sword), tanto (wooden knife) and jo (wooden stick), case for transportation and storage of training weapons.

Kimono (keikogi) are made of high-quality, durable cotton, the places that are most affected are reinforced with special inserts. Training weapon for aikido, it is made of solid and dense varieties of wood in order to withstand significant loads from the blows inflicted on opponents during training. High quality case for long training weapons (bokken, stick jo, tanto) with aikido symbols. Made by case in traditional Japanese style, with ties, from dense synthetic fabric with decorative stitching of seams.

Kimono (keikogi) and training weapons for aikido: bokken (wooden sword), tanto (wooden knife) and jo (wooden stick for practice)

Conditions *: PAfter payment, inform us about the fact of payment by e-mail [email protected], be sure to indicate in the letter the number of your order, the total amount of payment, the name and your actual height, size. After receiving the treatment of data, the gift will be sent to you by the postal service "Russian Post" within three weeks, the time and cost of delivery of the gift depend on the remoteness of the region. The term of the action: from January 1 to December 31, 2012 (inclusive).

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