Aikido Iwama-ryu (Aikido Iwama-ryu) - martial art

Aikido Iwama-ryu (Aikido Iwama-ryu) - martial art based on the relationship of ken (sword), jo (stick) and tai jitsu (technique without weapons), created Moroccan Sodoa close student Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. Iwama-ryu is a peculiar and interesting style, with a perfectly developed system of elementary education with extensive use of weapons.

This style is characterized by a training method that has proven to be highly effective in various martial arts. This is a multiple repetition with a maximum concentration of relatively simple basic movements performed with or without a weapon. Such repetition allows to improve the quality of this movement, to develop rigorous, rational forms, power and stability.

In style, various kata with weapons developed by Morihiro Saito are also studied and widely used in training. Performing kata (this is also proven by the experience of many martial arts) is very useful for building confidence, rationality and culture of movements, a sense of combat rhythm, the ability to instantly concentrate strength at the right time and subsequent subsequent relaxation. Therefore, it is not surprising that representatives of Iwama-ryu for some qualities (stability, power and concentration of movements) compare favorably (especially at the initial stage of training) from representatives of other Aikido styles, in which kata and suburi are not used.

Saito Sensei’s approach to training was unique compared to the approaches of other instructors in that he attached the same importance to taijutsu (training without arms) and beeches of a vase (training with weapons), which includes training “ken” (sword) and “jo” ( stick). O-Sensei viewed this inevitable relationship between the practice of taijutsu, ken and jo, as a determining factor in Aikido training, and Saito Sensei’s teaching method is based on the precise application of these principles.

In the Saito style, weapons serve primarily to master the basic skills necessary for effectively performing equipment without weapons (as in the Nishio sensei style), but working with weapons largely imitates movements (throws, unbalancing, painful seizures) without weapons.

In Iwama-ryu, strict observance of traditions is declared (this style is also called “traditional aikido”), it is even stated (as, indeed, in some completely different styles) that this style is closest to the aikido taught by O-Sensei, It is often said about the need to preserve the technique and method of style “in immutability”.

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