Aikido Aikikai (Aikido Aikikai) - classic Aikido style

Aikido aikikai (Aikido Aikikai) - Aikido classic style, headed by a grandson Morihei Ueshibawho is called the third “Doshu” - “The Leader of the Way”, Moritter replaced his father Kisshomaru Ueshiba on this post. Aikikai unites many masters with individual approaches to teaching methods and forms of aikido practice. In the main hall of aikido - Hombu Dojo, you can see a lot of unique engineering options.

Aikido aikikai is often considered the direction that most closely matches the artMorihei Ueshiba, although the methods of teaching and technology within the style itself vary greatly depending on the specific instructor and dojo. The style is distinguished by the softness of the performance of techniques and smooth movements, the student is trying to instill the need to learn to relax, not to use physical strength when performing the techniques, and to move in complete harmony with the environment.

The basic principle of learning - “do as I do”, is in the student’s desire to repeat the technique as its instructor showed. Unfortunately, it is too hard for an untrained person to master aikido aikikai techniques from scratch. However, if a student is talented and is practicing hard enough, then sooner or later he learns techniques, and at the same time he gets used to moving smoothly and relaxedly.

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