Aikibudo - (Aikibudo) "Combat Path of Combined Energy"

Aikibudo (Aikibudo) is one of the names of the school and, accordingly, the techniques of the great master Morihei Ueshibathat existed before the transition to what they began to call Aikido. Literally, Aikibudo can be translated as the “Combined Path of Combined Energy”. Based on this, the name Aikibudo can be interpreted as the Harmony Path of Martial Art or as the use of the Aiki principle (connection of energy) on the Martial Path.

Aikibudo is a traditional martial art effective and fundamentally focused on protection. It would not be what it was if it did not include the study of defense against a variety of fast and real attacks using the techniques of ancient and modern martial arts.

Aikibudo - broad soul, strong will, benevolence, unity of spirit with the earth and sky. Aikibudo are universal principles of harmony of life force, soul, mind and internal energy in unification with courage and a set of fighting qualities. Having achieved a similar state of harmony, everyone will be able to extinguish aggression before it appears, and even before it is conceived.

Aikibudo includes a very large number of forms of protection without arms and with weapons, elements of traditional Kobudo, such as Ken Jutsu, Yai Jutsu, Bo and Jo Jutsu, Naginata Jutsu, etc. foster courage and strengthen character in the aspect of Boo. Unarmed defense techniques — immediate, traditional, real, and effective — are applied against all types of attacks. Aikibudo style is distinguished by aesthetics, clarity and simplicity. In the process of learning, an internal search for the state of Aiki in its original form takes place.

Aikibudo schools continuously maintain originality and traditions of techniques and concepts transmitted by the Great Teacher. Takeda Sokaku and his student Morihei Ueshiba.

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