Aikido Masters Seminars - 9 (6 DVD)

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The collection "Aikido Masters Seminars - 9" on 6 DVD includes films:
Seigo Yamaguchi, 8th Dan Aikikai, 1993
Tida Cutomu (Chida Tsutomu), 8 day esinkan, Moscow, 2004
Masatoshi Yasuno (Masatoshi Yasuno), 7-year-old Saxony, St. Petersburg 1998
Koichi Beresh-sensei (Koichi Barrish sensei), Moscow 1989
Koichi Beresh-sensei (Koichi Barrish sensei), Moscow 2007

Aikido seminars under the guidance of leading masters are a good developmental incentive for practitioners, an opportunity to get an idea of ​​the style in which I would like to practice and feel the internal energy of movement, learn to feel it in myself while working out simple movements and return to it later. not to brute physical strength, remembering that without regular training and repeated execution of a technician, there will be no framework within which there can exist and slowly develop what distinguishes aikido from other martial arts. The masters are Seigo Yamaguchi, Chida Tsutomu, Masatoshi Yasuno, Koichi Beresh.Aikido seminars under the guidance of leading aikido masters
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