Aikido Art (6 DVDs)

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The collection "The Art of Aikido" on 6 DVD includes films:
The Art of Aikido (Kensho Furuya) - 9 courses
Aikido in training, Lost techniques 1
Aikido in training, Lost techniques 2
Aikido in training, Lost techniques 3
Between Heaven & Earth - The Aikido of Seiichi Sugano Shihan
Aikido Technique (Michio Hikitsuchi, 10th dan)

The art of aikido is “the path to harmony of the spirit” through the comprehension of the unity of oneself and one's opponent. The most detailed analysis of the equipment presented in various angles, highlighting the main key points of its effectiveness, as well as the equipment of racks, movements, falls, throws and control of the enemy’s hands, the course of combat aikido, the method of mastering and training, the technique of fighting, including several opponents, combat combinations, stick combat, knife protection, aiki sword, losttechniques (these techniques do not always teach because of their particular danger, as they are aimed at injuring the spine, neck or fractures of the joints in the process). Masters - Kensho Furuya (Kensho Furuya), Seiichi Sugano (Seiichi Sugano), Richard Crane (Richard Crane), Katie Crane (Kathy Crane).Aikido video, analysis of equipment, equipment racks, movements, falls, throws and control of the hands of the enemy, the course of combat aikido
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      Perhaps the best training video on aikido, which I met. Lost techniques - even an experienced aikidoin will find something interesting for himself.
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