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Aikido videos, movies

Video leading masters aikido, films, a demonstration of a diverse arsenal of techniques, receptions, principles, a description of understanding Aikido best students Morihei Ueshiba. Video workshops of masters, training, training, the lessons и aikido tutorial for beginners and experienced aykidok, will allow you to learn many of the details and clarify the secrets of the technician masters, representing various federations, schools, directions and styles of aikido - esinkan, aikikai, ki-aikido.

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Aikido styles

Consider the main directions, schools and aikido styles; aikikai, Yesin, ki aikido, iwama-ryu, tomics-ryu, real aikido, aikibudo и aikijutsu - as well as their features and distinctive features, which give an idea of ​​the variety of forms of aikido.

Aikido Masters

Biographies of the legendary aikido masters - Godzo Sioda, Tososiro Obata, Koichi Tohei, Moroccan Sodo, Nuclear Pyramid, Kendzie Tomikidirect students Morihei Ueshibawho created the styles and schools of aikido in their understanding of the teachings of the founder. As well as masters who have made a great contribution to the development of aikido throughout the world, - Sokaku Takeda, Moritero Wesiba, Christiana Tise, Steven Seagal, Lubomyr Vracharevich, Stefana Benedetti.

Aikido Encyclopedia

For successful learning of aikido, it will be useful for you to get acquainted with the contents of the chapter. basic knowledgeIn which some theoretical aspects are briefly stated, detailed recommendations are given on the study of Aikido, and the possibility of self study aikido and some additional information about the principles of this process - "history and origins of aikido»,«Aikido vs Percussion Technician - Who Wins the Fight?»,«principles of aikido, techniques, basic and high-level techniques, weapons in aikido, the value of training»,«rank system in aikido - kyu and given»,«aikido philosophy»


Aikido Art (6 DVDs)

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The art of aikido is “the path to harmony of the spirit” through the comprehension of the unity of oneself and one's opponent. The most detailed analysis of the equipment presented in various angles, highlighting the main key points of its effectiveness, as well as the equipment of racks, movements, falls, throws and control of the enemy’s hands, the course of combat aikido, the method of mastering and training, the technique of fighting, including several opponents, combat combinations, stick combat, knife protection, aiki sword, losttechniques (these techniques do not always teach because of their particular danger, as they are aimed at injuring the spine, neck or fractures of the joints in the process). Masters - Kensho Furuya, Seiichi Sugano, Richard Crane, Katie Crane.Aikido video, analysis of equipment, equipment racks, movements, falls, throws and control of the hands of the enemy, the course of combat aikido
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Ki Aikido - Training Course (6 DVD)

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Ki Aikido - a training course allows you to master the basic techniques, technique, concept of ki, breathing, falling, dynamic attack, protection from a knife and a pistol, as well as feel the spirit of aikido, in which technical skills and moral education are inseparable. The masters are Ken Ota, Moritoru Ueshiba and Kisshomaru Ueshiba.Aikido videos, ki aikido, training course allows you to master the basic techniques, technique, the concept of ki, breathing, falling, dynamic attack, protection from a knife and pistol
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