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Ford : Explorer XLT 1998 saleen explorer 98 0001 prototype press vehicle supercharged 1 of 121 ford


Las Vegas, Nevada

Year 1996

Make Ford

Model Explorer

Category Suv

Mileage 107947

Posted Over 1 Month

This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Most people have never seen, riden in or owned a Saleen Explorer, this is your chance to knock out all 3 in one shot. As if that is not good enough, you have a chance to see, ride in and own the very first one ever built! This in the original prototype and first production XP8 Performance Utility Vehicle. It was built on a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT chassis (registered/titled as a 1996 Explorer) and utilized as a press vehicle and test mule for the company. This vehicle was featured on the original Saleen Explorer Sales Brochure, Saleen Performance Parts catelog and numerous periodicals during 1997-1998. This is not the XP8 in the Motortrend video. 98-0001 and 98-0002 (built on a 1997 chassis) were both featured in a lot of the early photoshoots and appearances. 98-0002 had a carbon fiber hood, 98-0001 did not. I have a lot of documentation and paperwork on this vehicle all the way back to the original owner (the daughter of Steve Saleen's former business partner). Options are the key in figuring the value of these XP8's. This has all the options that were available at the time (the carbon fiber hood, Alcon brakes and Saleen pedals were not available yet) Drivetrain:5.0L motor with Powerdyne supercharger, 4 speed automatic transmission, 3.73 limited slip rear axle and Borla exhaust. Exterior:Crystal White paint, XP8 aerodynamic body kit (Front fascia, side skirts, rear bumper and rear wing) and carbon fiber mirrors Interior:Medium Graphite interior, Recaro Trend front and rear seats, Saleen instrumentation, carbon fiber accents (dash, rear console, steering wheel) and CoCo floor mats Other: Racecraft Suspension and Speedline magnesium wheels with Falken Ziex 255-55-18 tires (they have about 1500 miles on them) I have owned 4 of these over the years. They are all special for different reasons. The XP8 specific parts are made of unobtanium. In most cases the only place to get one is from another XP8. There are several parts that are specific to this vehicle. It is one of two with these front and rear bumper (notice no gills) covers and the carbon fiber rear console. There is also a set of one, maybe two off carbon fiber rear diffuser covers that go with the vehicle but are not currently on the vehicle. They were damaged years ago. This is one special truck and holds a special place in Saleen history. Imagine if you had the chance to buy the first Saleen Mustang. I have a lot of rare XP8 items that the next owner will have the first chance of refusal to purchase. I will not sell any of them without the vehicle. They include but are not limited to Saleen carbon fiber hood, extra Speedline magnesium wheel, XP8 blanket and throw pillows, Saleen Explorer Banner, NOS set of rear CoCo floor mats, Saleen boost/vacuum and fuel pressure gauges and a full set of Chicane stainless steel lug nuts. In addition, I have magazines, magazine articles, an original copy of the press release and photos featuring this vehicle. I have spent many years collecting this stuff at great time and expense. Any of these items that the new owner decides not to buy will go up for sale in the future. As can be expected of a 19 year old vehicle that has over 100,000 miles and 4 owners, there are some items that you may want to know about. I tried to get a picture of the ones that could be photographed. There is a scratch on the drivers door, a chip in the paint just above the rear license plate, multiple scuffs on the front bumper, some of the paint has flaked off between the hood and the windshield and just above the windshield, the transmission leaks and is starting to slip under heavy acceleration, the check gages light is on as soon as it warms up but I have never had any problems with any of the gauges, the fuel reset light is on at idle when it is in park (I believe this is due to the 255 lph Walbro pump in the tank) and the check engine light does not work. I know it is not on because I have always been able to smog it. Maybe the bulb is out or it was disconnected at some point. I have done my best to describe this truck to the best of my ability. With that said, it is a 19 year old, 107,000 mile vehicle and is sold as is, where is. You are encouraged to come see it in person prior to bidding. I am not interested in any trade and do not need to sell it by any means. I hate to see it set and it deserves to be driven and enjoyed. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have if you are serious about acquiring it. Good Luck!

Ford : Excursion Limited 4 Wheel Drive 7 Passenger Wagon 2 Row Capt Excursion Power Stroke 7.3 Diesel 4WD Limited. Lifted DVD & MINT! 2002 2001 2000


Palm Springs, California

Year 2003

Make Ford

Model Excursion

Category Suv

Mileage 122581

Posted Over 1 Month

220 PICTURES, INCLUDING IMMACULATE, RUST FREE UNDERSIDE BELOW DESCRIPTION. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ FULL DESCRIPTION AND LOOK AT ALL THE PICTURES IF SERIOUS, THERE IS NOT A NICER EXCURSION LIMITED 4X4 AVAILABLE FOR ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THIS PRICE RANGE AND HAS NOT BEEN IN THE PAST 2 YEARS!!!  YOU WILL NOT FIND A NICER, BETTER MAINTAINED, IMMACULATE, NEEDS NOTHING 7.3 POWERSTROKE EXCURSION LIMITED 4X4 FOR THE MONEY!! In the past few months I have sold several very clean, low mileage 7.3 Powerstroke trucks here on Ebay, so I am very familiar with the current market for immaculate ones. Most you will find for less, will not be anywhere close to what I choose to deal with. If you look at my completed listings you will see I have sold a 2003 7.3 4X4 XLT for $29,900, a 2002 7.3 2WD XLT for $21,900, a 2000 7.3 2WD XL for $13,900, a 2002 7.3 4X4 XLT for $22,900, and a 2001 7.3 2WD Lariat for $23,900. The immaculate, well cared for 7.3's are very desirable and hard to find, and are getting harder and harder every day, Clean Excursions are even harder to find than the Super Duty F250 and F350's!!  This one has had 2 mature owner's since new.  Look at the other's available....any underside pictures? A thorough, detailed description?  Has the 3 quarts of injector oil been changed frequently? (99 out of 100 7.3's it has never been changed, which is what ruins the expensive injectors!!), has the proper coolant been used and drained from the block as well as the radiator and reservoir?  You get what you pay for.... this truck needs nothing and everything has always been done before needed as preventative maintenance, rather than because truck needed it, and done properly. Oil is clear, coolant has been done every 2 years with diesel approved coolant, distilled water, and Ford SCA additive. This is a no worry truck, unlike the others out there.  Buy It Now for $25,900 to sell immediately. Whom ever hits Buy it Now, get this beautiful, needs nothing 7.3 4x4 Excursion Limited Powerstroke!! The well maintained, low mileage 7.3's are getting harder and harder to find, don't miss out on this one, and regret it later.  First of all, thank you for viewing my auction. After being disappointed by all the ratty other 7.3 Power Stroke Excursions out there and looking at this one, please feel free to message me. This is a 21 day auction and it will sell and you will not find another like it. Most of my 7.3 Power Strokes end up selling before listing ends due to time. Whomever hits Buy It Now gets it immediately!! No bidding and waiting, no back and forth negotiating, no games, no documents fees or taxes collected by me. Don't miss out, this truck will sell, hopefully to you. This truck is an absolute cream puff and drives absolutely exceptional, and is excellent through out. 2 mature owner's since new, always in dry climates, and always garaged.  Only hand washed and waxed and it shows. It looks, starts, runs, smells, and drives like new. Suspension is tight with no wandering or looseness, brakes like new, immaculate interior and underside. All maintenance items fresh. Never eaten in, spilled in or interior soiled, and even still smells like new interior! Seat covers and towels have covered the immaculate interior since new! No worn down seat leather or foam here!!  No pets have ever been in it and there are no odd odors or evidence of ever been smoked in. Cigarette lighter and ashtray never used. There is not a nicer, 7.3 4WD Powerstroke Excursion available for this price, I can honestly say that, because there are none other like this truck. Any you find for less will have dents, leaks, scratches, banged up/faded/gouged  trim, and wear all over. Look around, you'll waste a great deal of time and then see what I am talking about. Yes, you can buy one of these for around $20K or less with more than 200K miles, or so, or from the rust belt, but they won't be anywhere close to this truck and still will not be a garaged, 2 owner, immaculately maintained and a well optioned truck like this one. If you want a project, please buy one, as this is not it. If you don't know the history of the 7.3 Power Stroke, please use Google. I get a kick out of people that message me saying they can get an 06 for what I am asking for my 7.3's. An 06 is a 6.0, I would not take another 6.0 if someone gave it to me. Again, use Google if you don't know about diesels, or the difference between gas and diesel trucks. I am not going to spend more time and space here explaining diesel vs. gas or how bad the other diesels are as it is well known and easily searchable if you don't already know. Nothing overlooked on this truck, There is plenty of junk out there if you want a cheapo that needs a huge amount of expensive work, but will never equate to a truck such as this that has been properly preserved and maintained. Buy one of the junkers, change the oil 5X after running it, and it still won't be clean like this one, and never will be. This one is clean and always has been, If you want a turn key truck that will do what you want it to, be reliable, very spacious and comfortable, needs nothing, basically like new, and a workhorse that keeps up with your rugged intensive labor you expect from it, you just found it. Pay a little more than the junk out there and get A LOT more. This is a perfect tow rig that is simple, inexpensive, and easy to maintain with out all the sensors and maintenance issues of the new ones!  I am both a PS and TRS on ebay, which less than 1% of seller are, and have a 99.5% positive feedback score, so have no worries. Read the comments in my feedback from others worldwide that have purchased 7.3's from me. I have never had a person buy one from me and not be more than happy. Please take the time to allow the 220+ detailed photos to load (scroll down and over for full pictures if they appear cut off), it IS WELL WORTH the wait, and PLEASE read the entire description before asking questions (I know it is long, but I wanted to cover all bases) If you are serious, I know you will read every word, and look at every picture in detail. This is the type of person I am looking for, for a quick and easy sale. I am very easy to deal with. Feel free to message me for my phone number and we can discuss every aspect of this amazing truck. This truck is priced for a quick sale to the discriminating enthusiast/collector that appreciates all the details, cleanliness, and correctness of a last year 7.3 4X4 Powerstroke Excursion Limited. Everything correct on this truck for both finish and function, so you don't have to do a thing. Ready to work or play. Perfect advertising vehicle for your business too and can even be a tax write-off while towing your boat, show car, trailer, camper, etc.!! Shipping available at buyer's expense by a licensed, bonded and insured auto transport company that I have used for years with no issues. It is less expensive to ship at this time of year than you'd think, or you are welcome to fly into the Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up and you can drive this gem home and enjoy a little vacation!! Price is a Buy it Now of $25,900 to sell immediately. No taxes, document fees, or games like other charge, collect, and play. This truck will sell, don't miss out, you will never find another like it in this condition, mileage, and all these options!! I am a full service shop very familiar with these trucks, especially the 7.3. You want something added, deleted, or changed? Not a problem. We can add (or subtract) anything your heart and wallet desires to make this 7.3  exactly what you want and need for your exact use and price range!! I have other 7.3's Super Duty and Excursions available too for different price ranges. I am a dealer for many companies, specializing in 7.3 upgrades, and preventative maintenance items such as supplemental coolant, transmission, and oil bypass filters, larger transmission coolers, wheels, tires,  grills, front ends, suspension packages, turbo upgrades, tuners, etc.   This is a 2003 Mineral Gray 4X4 Excursion Four Wheel Drive Limited with ALL options except the HORRIBLE problematic sunroof.  THIS IS THE SUPER RARE AND MOST ASKED FOR COMBO!!! It has only been driven by mature adults and never used as a work truck, hauled slobs, or beaten up.  All it has ever towed its whole life is a 2700 lb dual Jet Ski combo by second owner since 2005 for a few vacations with his wife and kids. 2nd owner purchased it in March of 2005 in Oregon with 54K MI from a Ford dealer who took this in on trade from original owner (traded for a Mineral Gray 05 Mustang GT) who never even towed with this truck. It was certified as a CPO with a 7 year 100K extended warranty with the sale. 2nd owner was an ASE certified Master Ford Tech whom maintained this SUV to a "T" doing maintenance well beyond what was needed. While he loved this truck and his family, he apparently had issues....according the the wife (now Ex) he decided to cheat on her with a plan to leave her for a much younger woman, and hid this Excursion in July of 2009 at a friend of his's home in Southern CA in order to defraud his insurance company. This Excursion had already been in CA since 2005 anyway....long story short, he got caught, lost his job, wife, girlfriend, kids, etc, and even spent time in jail. Excursion was not wrecked, banged, or really stolen, he just made up a story to defraud his wife and insurance company.....Sad, but too common in today's world with ridiculous splits. Wife ended up with this truck in divorce and insurance company wrote theft recovery on title. It is a CLEAR title with salvage history in CA, just because of the insurance claim. It never even sat at an auction outside. It was garaged the whole time. I was told the story from the Ex wife and I believe it. Not really any reason to doubt her anyway....all bolts, panels, underside, engine box, etc all looks factory anyway.  I spent 4 hours removing clear bra that was installed when truck was near new that protected the paint to perfection, but was starting to yellow. I can't find a single chip, scratch, dent, ding or paint issue...Oil changes on time or before, or every six months, what ever came first. Transmission fluid, rear end fluid, power steering fluid, and Motorcraft coolant/distilled water and important Ford additive are all recent, as is the serpentine belt, all hoses, Motorcraft batteries, alternator, etc. Truck needs absolutely nothing. Nothing at ALL!!  Hop in and go anywhere!! It runs and drives perfect and has no leaks, seeps, drips, or issues. THE TRUCK FIRES UP EVERY TIME, FIRST TIME. THE GLOW PLUGS AND INJECTORS HAVE ALL BEEN TESTED AND ARE WORKING PERFECTLY. I WOULDN'T HESITATE TO DRIVE THIS TRUCK ACROSS THE COUNTRY!! It is the nicest 7.3 4x4 Excursion available for the money. Why save a few dollars and buy someone else's problems?  This incredible 7.3 4x4 Excursion has always been driven only on nice days since new and always garaged. All freeway miles and only on nice weather trips. Always garaged and pride of ownership and maintenance shows in every aspect of this truck! Never in the snow or salt. Never out the dry west. Undercoated before delivered when new by Camby Ford before delivered. The truck from top to bottom is very clean which is very evident, including underside, door jambs, and engine box!! A machine buffer or machine car wash this truck has never seen. No faded lights, emblems, or trim, like all the others out there. Most have chalky weather beaten trim, emblems and mouldings, these are all like new. Original Ford carpeted floor mats are the heavy duty ones and look like new and have kept the carpet perfect and covered with towels when driven. Were all Scotchguarded often too. Not driven on gravel roads or in the mud. Underside alone speaks volumes about this truck. I own a high end Mustang shop that has been in business for 20+ years and am VERY particular with all vehicles I choose to deal with. Truck has never been abused, mudded, raced, damaged or driven by kids, etc, since built. All body panels look great. No rust, scrapes, dents, dings, scratches, and no curb rash on the dealer installed custom chrome 17" wheels. This truck is absolutely exceptional through out. In my 20+ years in the Mustang business, I have rarely seen, owned, or driven a nicer built and well balanced truck that is so fantastically preserved and taken care of. I have owned over 1000 Mustangs, Shelby's, Big Block's, Boss's, Pantera's, Saleen's, Roush's, Cobra's. Lightning's etc, mostly collector models, and rarely see a vehicle (of ANY type) kept in this condition. This is the perfect tow vehicle for your collector car. It will tow like there is nothing behind it and turns heads where ever you go. Suspension is smooth and not bouncy or twitchy when driving down the road, or on the freeway. Truck is appraised and insured for $35K on a collector car policy and it is $450 per year for full coverage and agreed value of $35K. Most insurance companies will do the same for you and insure it as a collector vehicle and you can still tow with it!! Oil has been changed every 6 month or 3K miles which ever came first. Only correct 15W-40 oil used. It has always been started up and allowed to get up to operating temperature every few weeks, then driven around the block to keep all seals lubricated and to keep everything in operating condition when not taken on long trips. Every tank of diesel has had Archoil fuel additive which has kept injectors perfect with today's low sulfur diesels . Always warehoused or garaged. No power steering moan like most have. Nothing leaks, drips, or seeps. No warning lights illuminated on the cluster. Everything works as new. No sweat marks, stains, smells, fading etc on any exterior, or interior. Seats are like new and have been covered with seat covers since new and leather has obviously been treated frequently. It really looks, drives and feels like a near new truck. Carpets are perfect and covered since new. All lights work.  In-dash CD player works perfectly with no skips or CD error messages (original 6 disc cd changer available, but was removed as it took to long to load the CD's), 08+ Super Duty Ford finned aluminum differential cover (keeps diff fluid 25 degrees cooler and has extra capacity), $1700 ARB front bumper (easy to remove and replace with stock bumper if you don't like it), 05 grill/headlights with HID's, Hella foglights, 4" lift, and 17" chrome wheels, are the only deviations from stock showroom issue are the only modifications to this beautiful truck. ALL ELSE STOCK!! Never had a tuner or aftermarket exhaust on it. It starts the first time, EVERY time. Has original flip down DVD for rear passenger's. Has steering wheel control to control climate control and radio which works great. Original seat belts are not hard as a rock like most and still supple with original silk screening. All retractors work properly too. You simply can NOT find one like this!!! This is a one in a million truck, hands down. Again, pay a little more and get a LOT more...I take the amount of pictures I do, and write the small novel that I do on each and every truck, so that the buyer can feel 100% confident on what they are getting with no worries or concerns.   Underside, and inside of wheels detailed and cleaned frequently since new as is the exterior and interior. Carpet has never been shampooed. spilled on, and still looks like new with no fading, or unraveling . Inside of truck still smells like a new truck!!  Original spare wheel and tire never on the ground, Just look at the pictures, they really explain this truck, hands down, better than I can. This truck is impeccable for the price. No issues of any type. Many 7.3's with more miles and not near as clean and pride of ownership have sold in the past 6 months for close to, the same as, and more than I am asking for as my BUY IT NOW. A/C ice cold. Heat hot. Brakes and suspension like new. Excellent BF Goodrich All Terrain D load rated tires all the way around are around 75%  tread and are very quiet and smooth. No gear noise, slips, or issues. Care has always been taken with this truck, which is very evident in the pictures. Ice cold A/C as stated before. Does not run hot when A/C is on. I find I actually have to turn the A/C to a higher setting after 10 minutes even in 120 degree heat as I start shivering in this truck with A/C on full blast!! Belt does not moan or squeal like some do with the A/C on. Does not overheat even in 120+ degree weather. Coolant changed every 2 years with proper Ford Motorcraft approved coolant, distilled water, and Ford SCA diesel additive even when driven little. No exhaust leaks. Sounds fantastic with absolutely no odd noises or issues! Truck has never had an aftermarket tune installed or been beat on like most, or the turbo overheated by towing too much (look at the ones for sale with discolored, brownish coating on the turbo and Y-pipe, where the EGT's were not payed attention too). Even exhaust is stock and original (has a Chrome Magnaflow tip though). Has no problems starting in cold weather either. It is very powerful and sounds great. Most of these trucks don't drive as good as they look, this one absolutely does! I have owned 25 Super Duty 7.3 Powerstroke diesels over the years, and unfortunately 3 6.0 and 6.4's, 2 V10's (horrible engines!!), and quite a few Lightnings, and this truck runs, sounds and drives better than most of them, honestly, plus doesn't cost a fortune to maintain like the newer diesels. I have not owned a 6.7, but have no interest after hearing horror stories from friends and customers that have owned them and complained about ridiculous maintenance costs and a few that have caught on fire. Who want to replace expensive particulate filters every 40-60K miles at a cost of over $4K+ and add diesel exhaust fluid consistently anyway, and wait for the truck to regenerate constantly.....not me!! The 7.3 is simple and easy to maintain and does not have tons of sensors like the new ones that go out and are very expensive to replace. Comes from the factory with no catalytic converter, no diesel particulate filter, no DEF fluid, and all the other power robbing, expensive to maintain items on the 04+ diesels!! You are basically looking at a near new truck for 1/3 the price (comparable truck ..Excursion not even available....actually $78K+ for a new junk diesel!!) of a comparable new one with out all the issues of the new ones.  Truck is meant to be driven and enjoyed. It drives VERY well. No hesitations, back-fires, pops, squeaks, and is not all over the road like most others for sale. Looks, drives and feels like a new truck. You will not find a nicer 7.3 4X4 Powerstroke Excursion for the money!! It is truly immaculate. The suspension is responsive and tight, steering is tight, and transmission is tight with no slippage or delayed shifts. Anytime something needed attention, it was addressed right away. Never has a tuner on it and never towed anything other than a 2700 lb trailer its whole life. Brakes are adjusted properly, and it stops very well and straight. Does not wander, shimmy, or have wind noise, even at 85 MPH on the freeway. There is not a nicer, low mileage, best year 7.3 Powerstroke Excursion out there for this low of a price anywhere! Never abused and was never a daily driver (even when new it has been a multiple owned vehicle). All work has been professionally done on this truck since new. ASE certified mechanic owned!! Has been garaged its whole life and babied. It is very powerful, reliable, and nothing has been overlooked for longevity, tastefulness, and durability. 1 original key/remote, owners manuals/handouts, 2003 is known to be the most wanted year for these trucks too as it was the last year of the 7.3 was available,  the 2nd year of the stronger transmission and torque convertor, 2nd year of the digital cluster with transmission temperature gauge built in, and 2nd year of the high torque starter. Truck is super smooth! This truck is very quiet, even on the freeway, towing. You won't find a nicer truck for the price, anywhere!! You are better off getting one of these trucks that have been driven, properly broken in, and properly maintained than one with super low miles that has not been properly stored or has dried up seals because of incorrect storage and maintenance. Nothing leaks or seeps on this truck (even rear main seal doesn't seep) and it burns no oil. Starts right up, first time, every time. Idles smoothly with nice deep exhaust tone. No exhaust leaks either. No hesitations or skips. Very smooth power. 3.73 limited slip 10.25" differential. Gets great MPG too, 18+ MPG in town, and 25+ MPG on the freeway driving easy. If you drive at 2050 RPM (7.3's sweet spot) on level ground it will get 25+ MPG!! I have towed with these 7.3's with tires aired up, and using an additive and have got over 20 MPG while towing!! Brakes front and rear are firm. 4 wheel disc with ABS on all 4 wheels. Power assist works as it should. No shimmies, squeaks, or pulls when you step on the brakes. Parking brake works perfect. Fresh Motorcraft 75-140 synthetic fluid with friction modifier in differential. U joints tight.  Transmission fluid and filter also just done and look like new inside. Both cooling system coolant and distilled water/Ford SCA additive new. Brake fluid also flushed and refreshed (every 2 years) and when brakes were inspected recently, they were still at over 75%!! (so you can tell how this truck has been driven). As I said before, ALL fluids and filters have always been changed well before needed, as has all the preventative maintenance!! Carpet, seats, and original console covered when driven. Ashtray and cigarette lighter never used, not even for coins or junk to mar the ashtray! Cup holder is not broken like most and pops out of dash correctly. No rattles or wind noise!! Truck will seat 7 comfortably. I know I keep saying it, you will not find a nicer 7.3 4X4 Excursion for the money!! Look at the undersides on others for sale (if they even have underside pictures) they are usually rusty, oily, bent up, and filthy ( and sometimes people even spray can them all over the hoses, bolts and floor pans!!!), interiors worn and dirty, worn seats, and the engine boxes look awful with all aluminum corroded etc etc. Please take the time to look at my 220+ pictures and you will see the difference between this truck and the others out there for sale. You DO get what you pay for in this case!!  Fully loaded and amazingly clean from top to bottom. No surprises or disappointments with this truck. Rare Mineral Gray Clearcoat paint shines like new and has been waxed regularly (you can literally shave in it) and always garaged. It is drop dead gorgeous. Much more durable and deep looking than today's water base paints. Look at the reflections (hard to photograph). Never been put on a lift incorrectly, never been bottomed out. Door jambs, engine box, wheels, underside, and bed also kept clean and waxed. It looks like it was toothbrush detailed since new. Look at the underside and frame rails. Many original markings still present along with many original stickers. Trucks driven in inclement weather, don't have these markings and stickers any longer. Entire hood, rockers below body line, hood, fenders, etc were all covered with clear bra. I removed as it was discoloring, bit it protected the paint to perfection! Has 4" lift, 17" Moto Metal chrome wheels with BFG All Terrain tires, 05 headlight panel, headlights (with HID's), 05 painted grill with new Ford emblem, ARB Ranch Hand bumper (easily unboltable if you don't like it), and 08+ rear diff cover. All else stock. No tuner or aftermarket exhaust have been on this truck.  All original Ford Carlite tinted privacy glass except windshield which has been replaced at some point.  No dents, dings,  or scrapes anywhere on the body. The only flaws I can even think of, most would never even notice...washer fluid reservoir cap is missing in the pictures. It is on order and will be on this truck before shipment.  Rear tailgate weatherstip has a few tears in it and driver's side rear tailgate interior trim has a broken part probably from closing on something. Cruise control does not work. All of these I took pictures of and all are minor that most would never notice. No clearcoat fading, even on roof....the roof picture shows the reflections of the clouds, not clear coat fading like most of these have!! Once again, no dings, gouges, scrapes, or dents. Front and rear bumpers are immaculate with no dents or scrapes.  Again, I am VERY picky (I am told the pickiest person that all of my friends know) and believe in being 100% honest about each and any flaw. I know myself, that I want to know everything about something I am buying before I buy it, so I treat others in the same manner and respect.  This truck looks and drives like a 20K mile, 2 year old, well taken care of truck to put it into perspective. The truck is nicer, drives much better, and way better maintained and kept detailed over any other 7.3 4X4 out there in this price range. Everything works like it should. Again, please take the time to look at the 200+ detailed pictures. Truck is very clean through out and a thrill to drive. More reliable and durable than all the new diesels out there with out all the maintenance nightmares of the new ones. Google the 7.3 Powerstroke and you will see that they are considered the BEST diesel ever put in a truck! I know these 7.3's exceptionally well as I have owned quite a few over the years. Look at the others out there for sale, they don't compare to this one at all. NOT at all.......You get what you pay for.  Ask questions if you have them if you are serious, I am very easy to deal with, and am happy to talk on the phone about this impeccable truck from top to bottom.   Truck is VERY clean top to bottom. Leather steering wheel is very clean and airbag pads are not warped. Horn and radio/hvac controls work perfectly. Lighter never used, and truck has never been smoked in. All lighting in the gauge cluster and on switches all work perfectly. All power options work perfect. Power windows smoothly glide up and down smoothly with no clunks or skips. Power door locks work like they should and don't catch like most. Power rear vent windows operate properly. No wind noise or leaks when truck is washed. Doors close tightly. Speedometer works perfect and doesn't bounce or stick like most. All gauges work perfectly and are accurate. All lights work both interior and exterior. Turn signals work also in both mirrors. Truck just turned 122,581 miles, which is just breaking in for a well maintained 7.3. Last oil change done 500 miles ago. I put a minimum of 400 miles on each and every 7.3 I get and make sure anything that bothered me during those miles gets fixed....anything from a simple rattle, shimmy, dirt, bulb, etc. Once I make sure everything meets my nit-pick-i-ness, truck goes into storage until sold. These 7.3 Powerstrokes are well known to be the best diesel ever installed in a truck and are often called the "million mile motor''. With proper maintenance there are quite a few out there with even more than than 1 million miles!! Ambulance companies love these and still have many in service as they are frustrated like everyone else with the issues with the newer diesels. Some of the local ones here in CA have over 1.5 million miles and sill going strong and surpassing the other diesels!!   Ford has not been able to produce a diesel since, or even close to a 7.3, and the others (Dodge and GM) may have OK diesel engines, but, the trucks that the engines are in can't seem to stay together!! All lock cylinders are original to the truck and work smoothly with no binds, including hatch lock. Look at how well all the body panels and windows line up!! All original trim, weatherstrips, lights and emblems are in excellent condition and not faded, chalky, cracked, or deteriorating like most others.  Every correct clip, nut, bolt, rivet, plug, sticker, rubber bumper, etc is correct on this truck!! This is not a clean up and sell, everything is as correct as possible and has been since new. Care, thought, a huge amount of time, passion, and attention to detail is present on every aspect of this truck and has always been babied, detailed frequently, and waxed often. Always kept indoors. Very hard to find combo too, with Limited package, flip down factory Ford rear seat DVD system, power everything, tow mirrors with turn signals (functional), front and rear ice cold a/c, the engine block heater, 6 disc indash CD changer (now in-dash CD. orig available), SOTF ( Shift on the fly 4 wheel drive...put trans in neutral and pick what you want the transfer case to do), telescopic trailer tow mirrors, factory tow package, adjustable pedals, cruise control, power windows, locks, mirrors, etc, so it's perfect for hauling things while still easy to park (fits in most home garages) and maneuver while taking the whole family not only in comfort, but know you will get there!! Truck is available for inspection and can be driven or shipped anywhere. Out of country buyers welcome too, if you arrange shipping from the Long Beach Port. I can have the truck delivered to the Long Beach Port, included with BUY IT NOW. Clear CA title in hand, but has previous salvage history as described above. Registration expired in Nov of 2014, so there will be back fees if registered in CA only. I have used several reputable shipping companies that are insured and bonded over the years with no issues, and will be happy to arrange for a serious buyer with BUY IT NOW at your expense, or you can fly in and drive it home and enjoy a little vacation. Don't wait, once this truck is scooped up, it is gone and you will never find another like it!! I am very familiar with the 7.3 Powerstroke market. Many have sold in the mid to high 20's in the last 6 months, and a few in the 30's not as clean as this one with not the attention to detail, highly descriptive listing such as mine, or detailed underside shots. I am confident this truck will sell fast at this price. Every time someone uses BUY IT NOW when not even talking to me first, I ask them what prompted them to do so? The answer is usually " your long, detailed description (small novel), and all the underside shots!" I want people to know exactly what the are getting, so I spend the time to describe everything I can think of to eliminate any unsure-ness. I have never had a person purchase a vehicle from me sight unseen that has not been more than happy with their purchase. My 99.5% Positive feedback on eBay clearly shows people are very happy with what I sell. If you have a question or any doubt, feel free to message me... Please email me with phone # and I will call you with any info you're requesting. I am not interested in trades or people that want to sell this truck for me. Truck is tight with no rattles, leaks, etc. The underside is as clean as the the rest of the truck and still has all the original markings, line codes, inspection marks, stickers, etc.. The pictures speak for themselves. Please allow the time for the 220+ pictures to load, scroll down, and enjoy!! This is a beautiful truck and PERFECTLY balanced as far as looks, safety, economy, handling, braking, comfort, reliability, sound, and performance!! Re-live your childhood with something you didn't have the means to buy new or replace one you used to own, or add another to your collection of other worthwhile vehicles. Truck is very easy to drive. It is much more solid feeling than the newer trucks, easy to maneuver and park, more comfortable, and does not have all the sensors, particulate filters, and maintenance of the new diesels. You will not find a nicer one for the money that is this immaculate and to this caliber of detail and pride of ownership! These 7.3 Powerstrokes are very hard to find in nice shape as most were used as work trucks, or driven in salty, rust belt areas and are all rusted up and/or used a work trucks. Most you find will not be loaded like this one with power seats, power windows, locks, mirrors, tow package,  privacy glass, cruise, tilt, adjustable lumbar seats, and keyless entry, etc...etc.....   Any questions, please message me and I will respond promptly. This is a like to sell, not a must sell, or a desperation sale!! I price things fairly and on a Buy It Now, so there is no haggling back and forth or dealing with bidders that don't pay. In the past, I would do bid auctions which would end up getting bid higher than I may have wanted, but sometimes end up getting people that were not serious that ended up not paying. I have 30+ high end vehicles in my collection, so it is not the end of the world if this does not sell. Most are $100K+ in my collection. If I can make some extra space in my warehouses, great, if not, I will keep it as I do love the truck, the way it drives, and it tows like there is nothing behind it. I did a Buy It Now, so you don't have to bid an and wait, and hope to get it. I get people all the time that email me after they missed something I have listed to let me know if the deal falls through...I will buy....Outright price for my truck is $25,900 if Buy It Now is used, and I know it will sell for that. Don't wait for someone else to use Buy It Now and miss it!!  No taxes collected by me or any document fees like others charge. I choose to do Buy It Now, fixed price auctions over regular bid auctions because many people put on their watch list, then forget to bid at the last minute, then are upset that they missed it. Don't miss this one, you will never find another like it!! Again, I am VERY picky. Deposit of $500 must be made immediately thru Paypal upon the use of BUY IT NOW and remaining balance due with in 3 days of winning auction. Any questions and/or inspections if wanted must be made BEFORE using BUY IT NOW. Please do not use Buy It Now unless you already have the money. If you need a loan, have it set up and approved first. You are welcome and encouraged to come and inspect the truck or send someone to look at it before buying. I am not a dealer, so no sales tax will be collected by me. Truck is sold as is with no warranty by me expressed or implied. Shipping must be arranged by the buyer from Palm Springs, CA 92262 or I can help arrange for serious buyers, or you are welcome to fly into Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up, and you can drive the truck home. Must be paid for in full with in 3 days, unless arrangements are made with me before using Buy It Now . I have CA title in hand. I work with several shipping companies that offer very reasonable transport too. Truck will not leave and title will not be sent until truck is paid in full (and cleared) with either cash upon pick-up, direct deposit, loan check, or cashier's check/money order. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer promptly. Check my feedback, I have sold several very high dollar ($200k+) vehicles on eBay over the years with no problems and have a 2480+ positive feedback score and am not only a PS, but a TRS. Less than 1% of sellers have achieved this status selling on eBay, so you can trust how I describe what I am selling by the feedback I have received by those that have purchased from me that give me these ratings. I have never had a person purchase a vehicle from me sight unseen that was not thrilled with their purchase!! I reserve the right to end this auction early as the truck is advertised on several other sites and publications, so if you want it, use BUY IT NOW before someone else buys it!! If you can not meet these simple requirements, please do not use Buy It Now and waste your time, mine, and others that are serious. If you need more time or have questions about payment, please feel free to message me with your phone # and we can discuss. I am VERY picky with vehicles I own. Again, I have 30+ vehicles and none are a must sell, just trying to free up some space as I can barely walk in my warehouses they are so full. I am not interested in magazine coverage, picture collectors, or time wasters that just want to come and look at my collection. I am not losing any of my houses, or desperate in any way.  In summary: EVERYTHING works!! No burnt out bulbs anywhere, even the back-up lights, dash lights,  and original running board lights  still work perfectly. Original owners manuals and handouts come with the truck. This F250 runs and drives excellent and has never been abused. There are no odd odors, odd rattles, or odd noises. You can drive this truck anywhere. Mileage may also vary minimally as truck may be driven for test drives and/or inspections and I do drive it sometimes, but of course still kept indoors when not being driven. Please feel free to ask questions and I will answer promptly. This is not your average $20K 7.3 4X4 Excursion that you can find that needs $10K+ worth of work and still won't be as nice as this one. This is a no excuse, honest truck, that needs nothing. It will only continue to go up in value if kept in this condition. Vehicles such as this from my experience are a much more solid investment than the stock market. Clean 7.3 Powerstrokes have been going UP in value due to all the terrible (and expensive!!)  new diesels out there now. The nice ones have gone up 60-70% in the last 6 months. Diesel fuel is way less cost that regular gas too. People consider the 7.3 Powerstroke to be the best diesel ever installed in a truck in the history of trucks!! Oil in this truck has been changed frequently (both upper and lower reservoirs) and the oil is clean. In 7.3's that have not been maintained, the oil will not be clean like this and never will be. The nice ones will keep going up in value when in the condition and desirability of this one. Remember, you get what you pay for, this truck does not need ANYTHING!! The paint and color combination is simply stunning and the options make it a pleasure to drive and it turns heads where ever you go. People stop at gas stations and make comments on how immaculate it is. No excuses, issues, or stories. Have a great day and thank you for looking and (hopefully) reading my long description..I just want to be thorough. Each time I think of something else, I revise the listing, add more pictures, and before I know it, it ends up this long!! Very few read what I end up writing, but if you have, thank you!! Feel free to contact me with any questions and have a great day. :) Powered by eBay Turbo ListerThe free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

Trim Excursion Limited 4 Wheel Drive