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Lotus : Elise GT Widebody Roadster 2.4 l honda powered 300 bhp

Lotus : Elise GT Widebody Roadster 2.4 l honda powered 300 bhp


Shakopee, Minnesota

Year 1999

Make Lotus

Model Elise

Category Convertible

Mileage 7400

Posted Over 1 Month

Price Reduced from $65K - Over $100K invested!! Interesting trades considered, but family really wants a nice pontoon boat. As featured in European Car magazine - May/2014 issue (see website for article) Here is an extremely rare opportunity to own a very special Lotus Elise GT widebody roadster sports car. This incredibly unique supercar is a one-of-a-kind 1700 lb., 300bhp go-kart on steroids. Absolutely incredible to drive! The roar of this engine is nothing short of phenomenal. Drive it down the road and smartphones pop out of windows, thumbs up, and just plain gawking! Why? Because no one has ever seen one of these. It's bright yellow... it's extremely low-profile (physically).... it's exotic. Be prepared for a crowd wherever you park, because this car does not 'blend'. NOT your ordinary 'production' Lotus Elise This is an 'original' Lotus Elise from Europe, not the docile U.S. import production version with the 1.8L Toyota Corolla engine (189bhp). This beast has a monster 2.4L Honda iVTEC engine built by Endyn Racing (builds for Honda Racing Team). It only has 2000 miles on this new engine. Boasting 12.5:1 compression, ultralight pistons/rods, and stage 2 cams, this engine is built for torque. If you have never experienced the combination of high torque and ultra light weight, get ready for the ride of your life. Add a custom tuned exhaust system and this thing purrs at low rpm, but step on it hard and that low rumble turns to racing sound that will make a Ferrari grimace. Guaranteed! This professionally-built, normally aspirated Honda 2.4L iVTEC engine puts out MORE torque/bhp than ANY 'production supercharged' Lotus Elise/Exige ever built (eg. Exige S, S 240 or S 260) and the car weighs 25% less. It even has more power than the Exige GT3 Prototype Racer (274bhp). Beauty is.... it's all current Honda engine technology, so OEM parts as well as after market parts are inexpensive and easy to find! It also includes both the factory canvass top and rain-cap that installs in minutes. If you desire, an aftermarket hardtop is available that can be easily painted to match the car (extra paint included with car / standard color code). Also included is all records, many manuals, and specialty tools, such as extremely low-profile jack, custom sockets, etc. Equally Competitive on the Street-or-Track This is not a body kit. It is the factory body, although it has been professionally modified to improve aerodynamics. The original Elise was artistically designed around a certain look or esthetic, but it only had a 130hp engine. Once someone bolted a supercharger to it and got it over 100mph, it became evident the car wanted to fly more than stay planted on the road. This inherent 'lift' at high speed was addressed with the Exige. Same chassis, same engine, just aero improvement for track-going Lotus cars. Front splitter, rear wing, roof, sloped rear deck lid, etc. While aerodynamically improved, the Exige lost something over the Elise's open cockpit design. With the roof on, the car is extremely hard to get in an out of. You pretty much have to be a skilled contortionist. Then once you get in, that open-air cockpit becomes downright claustrophobic. Only then do you realize just how compact the Lotus interior is. The point is... the Elise is a fantastic open-air sports car, and that's the only way it should be enjoyed. For track use, the Elise GT comes with a roll bar, carbon fiber racing seats, six-point harnesses, and a removable steering wheel. Also included is a separate set of Hoosier R6 tires and a 67" adjustable carbon fiber wing that easily installs in minutes. The aerodynamics of this car at track speed is phenomenal. At a 150mph, it's as stable as a formula racer. It also features a auto throttle blip system that eliminates the need to heel/toe under heavy braking and a built-in Traqmate GPS Data Logger system. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Before the 'production Lotus cars' showed up on US roads in 2005, there was the original Lotus Elise. 24 LHD (left hand drive) race-prepared units were sent to the US with the hopes to begin a Lotus SCCA racing class. Unfortunately, the proposed racing class never really came to fruition. The factory race cars ended up with private owners for non-competitive HPDE track events (essentially non-street legal race toys). They were originally designed as driver's sports/track car, not a production daily-driver with air bags, bumpers, air conditioning, power steering/brakes, etc. Hence, they weighed in at 1500lbs vs. the 2000+lb production models. This factory race car has been professionally modified for 'street-use' as an extremely high performance exotic. And since it no longer needed to meet the specs of its original race class, it was built to much higher performance specifications and improved cockpit design/comfort. This is NOT your production Elise/Exige with 190hp Toyota power plant, but rather a 1700lb 300hp 6-spd go-kart on steroids, with nearly twice the rubber on the pavement then a production model S2 Elise/Exige. A Couple Other Notes of InterestThe entire car was rebuilt 2012-2014, the purpose of which was to make the car 'street legal'. Technically, the car is now classified/title as a 'Specially Assembled' or 'Reconstructed' vehicle (or kit car). But that classification was a technicality necessary to make the car a 'street legal' custom-built vehicle. Don't confuse this with salvage. That is NOT what this is. It has NEVER been in an accident or damaged in any way. Simply put, if you bought a VW bug, disassembled it, and built a dune buggy in your garage, in your State's eyes, it is no longer a VW bug. It is a 'specially reconstructed' vehicle and it is assigned a new VIN number. In the case of this Lotus, it has been assigned a new VIN number and is now a street legal custom car, and all the parts used to make it (VIN numbers) were verified not to be stolen and original receipts provided to the State. To that end, it has a 2014 Special Reconstructed vehicle title, consisting of a 1999 Lotus Chassis, a 2004 Honda Drive Train, and a Custom Body fabricated by the builder. It has passed both Police Dept. inspections as well as arduous State inspection necessary to assign this car a VIN and title. It should be recognized by any State as a 2014 specially constructed vehicle, no different than if you bought a custom fabricated AC Cobra replica. One more note... the custom exhaust system was designed with a Cat Bypass pipe, meaning the catalytic convertor pops in and out for street/race. Actually, the Cat is brand new and never been used. The engine's ECU is different from most cars, in that it is fully programmable for easy emissions tuning in any State (yes, California too). So there you have it. Lotus Chassis technology. Honda reliability and dependability. Combined to make machine like no other. It is the only one of its kind, so if you want an exotic no one else has, this is it. It could be yours. For more information (photos, videos, build specs), please visit my website (see first photo) or contact me personally. Ken McNeill

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